Smileys $99 Special 2011

website design

Smileys $99 Special 2011

Smileys Web Site Deal $99website design

Basic Sections:
About Us: most common on all web sites
Products: main products that you sell in your store
Service:  opening closing times, delivery, staff, etc

Basic Content Pages:
About Us: usually just 1 page
Products: usually 5 pages with images
Service:  usually 5 with images

Basic Extra Pages:
Contact: email form for your business
Facebook: a link to your existing facebook page
Links: your favourite links

Email Address: 3 email address

What’s Included:
CMS – A Content Management System (you can edit all articles online)
Articles – You are required to write your website article (just email them to smileys)
Logo – Standard website business logo
Picture – please email your photos and other images and will will resize them etc
Updates – you can login online and edit all existing articles
Software – The website software is update every 4 months

What’s NOT Included:
Domain Name – Please register your domain here, and we will do the rest