Bugs and Error Fixing

Worried about the PHP errors, jQuery or javascript conflicts, CSS issues, browser compatibility issues or any other related issues while developing the website? Relax! Our skilled developers are here to help you fix any sort of WordPress issues and take away all your worries.

Website Speed Optimization

Web speed is a major factor that leads to loosing of visitors and the falling of ranks on search engines. There are numerous factors that affect website speed. However, the speed of the website can be increased only by optimizing the website properly. Our skilled professionals will help you in achieving great speed for your website.

WordPress Tweaks

Want to bring about some changes in your template CSS? If yes, then our WordPress experts will assist you in modifying your template CSS, adding new functionality to an existing WordPress extension or template. The support crew at Smileys is also expertise in coding customized extensions tailored according to your needs.

Malware Attack Fixing

Is your WordPress website getting attacked by some malware and you are finding it difficult to remove those? If yes, then feel free to contact us. Our professionals are eager to help you remove the malware that has been injected, protect your site and upgrade it to the latest version. Moreover, after the removal of the malware, we will also submit the website to search engines so that your browser won’t block you from visiting the website.

WordPress Support and Maintenance