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Default IP address: username/password: admin/admin
Port number: TCP port (37777), UDP port (37778), http port (80), RTSP (554), HTTPS (443), ONVIF (default is closed, 80).
RTSP URL: rtsp://username:password@ip:port/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0
Username: e.g. admin
Password: e.g. admin
IP: IP address of your network camera, e.g.
Port: default port number 554 (if it’s default number, you may skip it)
Channel: video channel, starts from 1. E.g. channel 2, then value should be channel=2
Subtype: stream type, main stream is 0 (subtype=0), sub-stream is 1 (subtype=1)
An example:
rtsp://admin:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=2&subtype=1

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